10 Foods That Help You Grow Beards Fast

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10 Foods That Help You Grow Beards Fast (Growing beards faster). Beard growth is generally regulated by the creation of the male hormones testosterone and DHT; however, our diets can actually stimulate facial hair growth by consuming foods that promote the synthesis of these two androgens and make them easier for our systems to utilize.

Aside from hormone production, a variety of other elements, such as vitamins and minerals, can trigger chemical changes in our bodies, making it easier to grow a long beard.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” you’re definitely aware that what you eat has a big impact on your body. However, those ramifications may be more widespread than you believe. To speed up the growth of your beard try incorporating these 10 foods into your diet.


1. Brazilian Nuts

Brazil nuts on a wooden background | ūüíĺ Marco Verch is a Pro‚Ķ | Flickr

Intake of 100 g of Brazilian organic nuts will provide you with 1,917 cg of selenium, a crucial mineral for hair growth which is about 3000 percent of the daily value you prescribe.

This means that you can meet your daily selenium requirement with just two nuts per day, ensuring that you do not have a deficiency of this crucial mineral.

To get the most out of your Brazilian nuts, choose organic types with the skin still on, as this is where most of the selenium is found.

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2. Eggs

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Eggs contains a fantastic amount of protein as well as other vital micronutrients needed for the growth of facial hair.

Furthermore, eggs are a high source of biotin, a vitamin needed for healthy hair.

3 Potatoes

10 Foods That Help You Grow Beards Fast potatoes - just4ur.info

Although some say that a protein-rich diet is the ultimate key to healthy facial hair development, other research reveals that a diet with more carbohydrates actually results in higher efficacy.

Because potatoes are high in carbs |(carbohydrates), they are a simple way to increase DHT levels in your diet.

In fact, one study indicated that the high-carb low-protein diet is superior in producing DHT, the principal facial hair growth hormone. A high intake of carbs can enhance the 5-Alpha reductase enzyme production in your body. Responsible for DH to testosterone conversion.

4 Raisins

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A study conducted by the University of Medical Sciences discovered that just 10mg of boron per day resulted in a 28% rise in testosterone production and a 10% increase in DHT.

These dried grapes may appear to be a harmless snack, but they are one of the most potent natural sources of boron, a trace mineral that has been shown to increase the synthesis of testosterone and DHT.

Few men are aware of boron’s potent ability to accelerate facial hair development, but the impact that this mineral can have on your body is absolutely worth noting.

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5 Sorghum

Sorghum 101: How To Cook Sorghum | Live Eat Learn

This gluten-free grain is also a highly effective, albeit little-known, tip for growing a thicker beard.
This is due to the fact that it has been scientifically confirmed to enhance the synthesis of 5-alpha reductase enzymes, which convert testosterone to DHT‚ÄĒthe hormone responsible for facial hair growth‚ÄĒby 54%.

6 Beef

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Saturated fats, which are abundant in red meat, aid hair development. Beef is therefore beneficial to your beard growth. Adding beef to your diet, therefore, can give your body the fats it needs for healthier hair growth.

7 Gelatin

Jolly Rancher Gelatin 4 | Food Junk | TheFoodJunk | Flickr

Gelatin is high in amino acids, which serve as the building blocks of proteins. The amino acids glycine and proline are especially helpful for those trying to increase facial hair development since they are collagen proteins, which your body uses to make hair, skin, and nails.

8 Orange Juice

Orange Juice Fruit Citrus - Free photo on Pixabay

Orange juice is high in Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps increase collagen synthesis and help reverse the effects of free radicals that can harm your skin and facial hair.

9 Fish

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It is high in protein and B vitamins, which help your body develop hair and skin. Furthermore, fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which assist maintain the cell membrane and keep your whiskers healthy and robust.  Found in fish such as salmon. It also contains a variety of micronutrients that benefit our bodies, some of which aid in the growth of your beard.

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10 Olive Oil

Olive Oil Olives Food - Free photo on Pixabay

Olive oil, in addition to being a wonderful ingredient in most dishes, is one of those foods that can help you develop facial hair. It can provide a rich source of Vitamin E as well as other nutrients required for hair development.

It also contains good fatty acid ratios, which can help with DHT and testosterone production. Aside from including olive oil into your diet, you can also use it as beard oil and apply it to the region on a regular basis.

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