Elon Musk Unveils Tesla Humanoid Robot

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What a Humanoid Robot

Humanoid robots are unique and special activity robots design to emulate human movement and interaction.

Just like other service robots, they provide efficiency by automating tasks that provide lead to cost-saving and ensure maximum productivity.

Humanoid robots are relatively contemporary robots in the robots production peril.

It has been long anticipated in the world of science and as time passes by, it has become available and gradually becoming available commercially in an extensive range of uses.


The robots have the capacity to perform a wide range of various activities. As revealed by asme.com, they perform research and space exploration, personal assistance and caregiving, education and entertainment and maintenance, public relations, and health care services.



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TESLA CEO Elon Musk has on Wednesday 19, 2021 revealed that the largest automaker company will be developing and launch their very own humanoid robot. He claimed the robot will be titled, “TESLA Bot”.

According to the billionaire CEO Elon Musk, the prototype humanoid robot is designed basically to curb harzadous, repetitive, or boring work that people are not willing to carry out.

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Speaking at the TESLA day event in San Fransisco, the billionaire CEO and Entrepreneur Elon Musk when speaking about the physicality of the robot, he said, the bot will stand at about five foot eight inches tall and will have the capability to do jobs such as attaching bolts to cars without using tools, or picking up groceries at stores.

As he proceed in his highlight about what the robot ought to be, musk said ‘the robot will have profound implication for the economy’ and therefore, its became necessary to make the machines less expensive.

Tesla supposed bots
Tesla bot has the ability to do stressful activities

On the event,the TESLA CEO and billionaire entrepreneur also reaffirm his position on the making available a self driving software which will be more safer than human using current in car cameras and computer.

However, there has been panic and worries over the TESLA ability to achieve the claimed self driving machines.

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The largest automakers company TESLA, on that occasion went on to unveil chips it designed in-house for their high-speed computer, Dojo to help produce their dreamed targeted automated driving system.


Elon Musk Unveils Tesla Humanoid Robot
Humanoid robot in human form

The CEO of the company Elon Musk, says ‘we’re setting it such that it is at a mechanical level, at a physical level, that you can run away from and most likely overpower it’

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According to the CEO, the bot will make use of TESLA autopilot software will be equipped with eight cameras that will feed into the neutral network that tesla has developed for its FSD software.

The neutral network mimic the work of human brain as it allows the vehicle to review its surrounding via cameras and determine what is needed to do when the vehicle is strucked with problem by identifying and naming different routes and images.

The billionaire CEO went on to asserts that” our cars are semi sentient robots on wheel. It kind of make sense to put bot on to a human like as well”

He assure the world that the bot will be friendly and can be used to carry out harmful task. Furthermore, he added that the bot shall be tested to determine how it can navigate through the world without been told what to do.

In conclusion, the CEO presented a visual representation of what the bot will look like and went on to say that the company will definetly design a functioning robot by next year.

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He says “ we’re making the pieces that would be useful to humans. So we should probably make it. If we deon’t someone else will and we want to make sure it safe”

However, Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of the TESLA automaker failed to give the exact date for the prototype launch or release.

It was presumed by the populace that the development of the bot might likely surface in the coming years as he in his word already assured that the company shall make a bot by next year.

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