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Pere emergence as the Head of the House lead to the removal of whitemoney from kitchen duties.

The removal as announced by pere came as a shock to the housemates as they were all aware of how loyal whitemoney is to the kitchen which is favorable to them all.

Throughout this week, the BBN shine ya eyes season six edition has brought about lots of dramas, action and aggression towards one another mainly because of Pere dominant attitude and bossy behavior as he emerges the head of the house.

Pere is also fond of making decision thats quite not clear to others. Especially, the removal of whitemoney from the kitchen duty.

Whitemoney for that period had to avoid the kitchen or rather making meal for the whole house as its mandatory for him to abide by head of the house regulation.

In other to fill the place left by whitemoney, pere appoints three other housemates in person of Tega, Angel and Maria. Unfortunately, the appointed housemates couldn’t meet up to the demand of the house hence, leading to One chaos or the other.

As a result, shortage of food or lack of food now become a consistent occurrence in the house.

Even the new kitchen personnel were not cooperative with each other as misunderstanding always struck them whenever it’s time for them to perform their cooking duties.

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Pere sitting on the he couch

After much pressure from some aggrieved housemates over the negative impact of Whitemoney removal from kitchen functions has caused especially, the persistent insufficient food to sustain them and demands to know why did he make such decision.

Pere asserted that, he removed whitemoney from kitchen duties because he thinks he (whitemoney) is using it as a strategy to evade been enlisted for eviction. Funny right!

He further explained how his strategy is a detriment to others and so he had to regulate everything for proper functioning of the house.

He was however supported by another housemate (Maria) and she applauded Pere ‘s decision. Although, many were against him.



Days after Whitemoney removal from kitchen, there has since then no peace in the house. The sustenance of the housemates hunger and thirst to some extent subsequent become complex.

Even the so called Pere who made the decision was not exempted from the kitchen torment as he was captured vividly on camera complaining about lack of water to make cornflakes or noodles for him to make use of.

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While Tega on his own did not take long to quit from the chef duty assigned to him as he feel stressed out and frustrated.

At the other end, Maria was caught taking on pere, warning him to stay away from her choice of drink that she will take.

She said “Don’t intervene on the numbers of drinks I take because I will change am for u”

Many other housemate couldn’t hold back their grievances as they confronted pere to reverse his decision while some tried to talk plea to whitemoney and requested for his presence at the kitchen again.

However, Whitemoney wasn’t ready and hence paid deaf ears to the apology.

Angel particularly while carrying out kitchen duties asked whitemoney to support them, he bluntly refused though however, offer suggestion and idea on what they should prepare.

As the situation among the situation worsen as day passes due to lack or rather insufficient food as none of the chosen housemate could Cater for food appropriately As whitemoney then resulted to criticism target at Pere.

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Housemate such as Niyi, Boma, and even the audience hits the pressure in other to see pere reverse his decision.

From this side, Niyi says”its wrong to think that Whitemoney is using cooking as a strategy to avoid eviction and if it’s actually the plan, nothing is wrong with it.”

After support and persuasion from the housemate and fans entirely, whitemoney finally decided to get back to what he knows how to do and enjoy doing.

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