Why YUSUF could end up being Bbnaija 2021 Winner.

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By name, He’s called yusuf garba. A 29 year old who found his way into teaching secondary school and most time often describes himself as a soft spoken, fun and down to earth go-getter
He admitted to be a foodie, and also like participating in other events like hiking, reading, travelling and sports.
Yusuf is also a model and in attesting this, he pour out how he cant do without checking himself out in the mirror.

He recalled how he won the Mr university award at University of jos and and also won the jos carnival king title which was the greatest feat in his life and the lost of his beloved aunt was his most agreived moment.


Shortly after all the housemates have been introduced to one another in a short while, they had to choose the head of the house, YUSUF emerge as the first deputy head of the house as Peace emerge as the head of the house And went on to make Yusuf her deputy. An action that was surprising to many.

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Why YUSUF could end up being Bbnaija 2021 Winner.

Is it possible for YOUSUF to win bbnThis feat shows how fortunate lucky Yusuf is and being divinely lucky is one of the concrete factors to emerge as the winner of the show. Ever since his inception into the house, Yusuf keeps on pulling lots of fans and supporters as his look specifically attracts people. This is confirmed in a statement of him where he said “the majority of my student are crushing on me”. Although he was dragged over social media but does not change the fact that he is loved by many.


The beginning of the eviction exercise give birth to a new environment with lot of changes within and among the house mates. This will result to the showcase of supremacy, creation of enmity and forming of alliance with anyone the other feel safe with.

The first day of eviction denote the lines for the struggle has just been drawn which will result to more actions and dramas in the house

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As the first eviction was carried out in the house, Yusuf was, unfortunately, one of the housemates nominated with others who are; Niyi, Whitemoney, Beatrice, and Yerins. In the midst of these housemates, no one would believe Yusuf will be able to escape the first eviction stage, but guess what! He made it alongside whitemoney with a very wide margin. Are you surprised? No, you shouldn’t what did you expect from fans to show a man that is naturally liked by the majority.

Definitely, the supporters magnanimously supported Yusuf to help him stay in the house. The eviction however led to the exit of Niyi and Yerins respectively.

Can Yusuf win after escaping the first eviction exercise?

It’s no doubt that among all the housemate’s place for the first eviction exercise, Yusuf is the most expected housemate to get evicted but nope! The stride turns around. Despite his inactive behavior in the house, he made it through.

This led to different reactions and thoughts as there are some fans who believed that Yusuf escaped the eviction as a result of votes voted by the Arewa youths while some were the opposite of the former.

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It’s quite to note that the Arewa consultative forum had come out publicly to smear BBNaija and forthwith requested the government to halt the program as its promoting immoralities among the youths and causes laziness in the mindset of the youths.

Whichever way one feels Yusuf garnered his vote from, what matters is to be saved from being evicted all through and hence becoming the winner. If Yusuf could repeat this feat throughout his stay, he may probably go on to be the winner of BBnaija 2021.

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